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November 2, 2008

Dear Colleagues, Friends of Para/Site, Artists, Art Lovers,


Welcome to the all new Director’s Blog at Para/Site Art Space website. Here I will provide with information on the developments of Para/Site’s exhibition program and events, as well as other matters related to our art community and life in general. I will update this blog with new posts at least once every month, here you can find all the latest news in a more casual way than our press releases and general aspects of Para/Site’s progress. Constructive and respectful comments and essays will be added.


I am currently preparing next year’s program and this will be available as soon as possible. I would like to praise Tobias Berger’s job as former Director, many achievements were obtained during his tenure, and I will continue as many as possible, in particular the level of critical discourse and the quality of artists exhibited. There is an international focus, not loosing contact with our own community, and I believe this is one of the most difficult challenges. I think that the issue of how to deal with the idea of the local is one of the unsolved questions for most Art Centers nowadays. New strategies are developed to tackle this issue, particularly the implementation of education and interpretation programs.


I obviously have my own vision of what art is, the type of art that I wish to champion and what the mission of an Art Space should be. I regard own ideas as quite eclectic and community minded. First of all I have worked in the past with both Modern and Contemporary Art, and I do think that this has given me a broader scope that brings in some interesting points of view. In terms of interests I do find authors like Deleuze or Virilio extremely relevant as assistance to explain what is happening today. I personally believe in an idea of art partially rooted in Cultural Studies, connecting art with everyday life as well as propitiating crossings between various disciplines and fields (from visual arts to film, from street art to design and architecture). Art should help us finding new ideas and answers in a chaotic universe. I have had for many years a certain infatuation with the notion of the so-called “return of the modern”, which one can asses particularly in today’s fascination with the craftsmanship of the media of representation. I do believe that it is a mission of Art Centers to serve the community and become leaders of it.


In terms of geographical focus, I would like to refocus Para/Site Art Space in Asia, although budget is here a big issue as most sponsorships available are for western artists, and we might need to tap on this as well from time to time, but working along the lines that we want to build. The notions of memory and colonial past, the city and urban development that so clearly connect with Hong Kong’s past will also be present.